dit services

DIT Services

Inside the tent is where the magic happens. The tasks of a DIT can vary from production to production, but in general, they are responsible for capturing the best possible image and delivering it safely to post-production.  Every job starts with consulting with the DP and post team to establish a workflow.  Some projects will require live color grading and others will require transcodes, but all require an understanding of the technologies involved in order to solve any problems that may arise.  A DIT must remain flexible with a deep toolbox of skills and equipment in order to provide the right solution for every production.

Here are some of the common services a DIT can offer to both big-budget and low-budget productions:

• Create a workflow with post based on DP & studio requirements
• Help determine proper camera package as needed
• Config and operation of digital cameras & accessories (monitors, wireless, etc)
• Help DP determine exposure
• On-set color and LUT development
• Downloading, verifying and backing up of footage
• Transcoding footage for editorial as needed with LUTs (dailies)
• Use of waveform and vector scopes to monitor signals
• Ensure flow from camera to post functions smoothly
• Troubleshoot any technical questions or situations that arise