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Volume Two conatains the Trip episodes from the summer of 1991. It also includes the Crisis In the Gulf Special from the dark, war-time days of January 1991. Follow along with Duke, Nancy and Frank as they trip through Bronxville. Also meet Richard Murphy and Patrick Miele.

The videos are all now available on You Tube. The links below will trip you there.


Title Sequence
The post holiday chill of Janurary 1991 led to this somber intro with music by Carmine Coppola.

length: 2:45 b

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Walter Herrmann's 'What Do You Think?"
School Store/Mailroom Guy on the streets Walter Hermann hit's the town to find out how the citizens of Bronxville are reacting to the war with Iraq.

length: 2:22  size: 17.2 mb

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Newsroom Tour
Join Diane Zeeman, editor of the Review Press-Reporter, as she tours the newsroom.

length: 1:35

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I'm Not Out to Cruxify Anybody
Duke DelCantaro is Pontious Pilate in the Greatest Story Ever Told

length: 0:17

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Frank Gets Tough on Crime
Our hero for the times, Frank Spillo, visits Det. Sgt. Alex diVerneri to find out why crime in Bronxville rose in 1990, and if they are 'see-saw' crimes.

length: 5:01

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Closing Thoughts
Diane Zeeman closes the trip with reflections on life and war.

length: 1:24

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Introduction / Title Sequence / More Introduction
The second season is back... with avengence!! Join noted community and local politician Dorothy Brennan as she hosts this episode.

length: 1:57

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Walter Herrmann's 'What Do You Think?"
School Store/Mailroom Guy on the streets Walter Hermann hit's the town to find out about the controversy surrounding the new track at Bronxville High School. The villagers paid for it but now they're being run off their own track by greedy out-of-towners.

length: 3:27

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Nancy Brown's Gratuitous Explanations and Explorations
Nancy Brown is back in an all new seqment where she explores the architecturally beautiful and spiritually pleasant Reformed Church of Bronxville.

length: 5:25

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Frank's Safety Tips
Frank Spillo gives advice to the kids for Bicycle Safety Week.

length: 2:35

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Duke's Memorial Day Weekend Trip
Duke takes on Memorial Day where he is recognized by a throng of fans. Along the way he encoutners Bronxville Mayor Sheila Stein, Eastchester Town Supervisor Jim Doody, and the and ever-popular bandleader and cool cat himself, Al "Cat" Mingrone.

length: 12:19

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Nancy Brown Teaser / Titles / Miele's Phil Marano's Trip
After a brief intro from Nancy Brown, join high school Spanish teacher, Patrick Miele as he visits Phil Marano's Hair Studio to learn about toupees and the side effects of prolonged tanning booth exposure. Mr. Marano gives a thumbs-up to Patrick's alway's perfectly coiffed 'do and recommends he try some spray in lieu of gel.

length: 9:34

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At Work with the DPW
A visit with the boys at the Department of Public Works to discover what they do on an average day. Heavy machinery + lots of dirt = Big Fun.

length: 2:19

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Murph vists the Pondfield Trip Service
Join Richard Murphy as he visits the fellas at the Trip Service and discovers how the customers trip to and from, in and around, and even sometimes through Bronxville. I don't believe that one should devote his life to morbid self attention. I believe that someone should become a person like other people.

length: 5:27

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Walter Herrmann's Out and About
Having missed the annual sidewalk sale in Bronxville, Walter heads down to the Scout Field where he discovers a happening luau.

length: 8:46

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and then that was it.