Recent Gigs & Projects

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”  TV Series
Seasons 6 - 11 / 2010 - 2015
20th Century Fox Television / FX Networks
Dir: Randall Einhorn / Adam Shakman / Richie Keen
DP: Peter Smokler / John Tanzer
Media Manager / DIT
Sony EX3 / PMW-200, Arri Alexa, Canon C300 & 7D, Sony F55 & A7s
Avid Workflow Consulting

“Pariah”  TV Series Pilot
Dir: Rob McElhenney
DP: Mihai Malaimare
Media Manager / Camera Utility - Arri Alexa

“We’re Good Thanks”  TV Series Pilot
Dir: Charlie Day
DP: John Tanzer
DIT / Media Manager - Canon C300

“Leo the Temp” Series Pilot
Dir: Heath Cullens
DP: John Tanzer
DIT / Media Manager - Canon C300

“St. Sebastians” - Feature Film
Dir: Danny deVito
DP: Anastas Michos
DIT /  Media Manager - Arri Alexa

“Driven”  TV Series Pilot
Dir: Zoe Robin
DP: Adam Sklena
Operator / Media Manager / DIT - Canon C300

“Figment” - Pitch Trailer
Dir: Rob McElhenney
DP: Kramer Morgenthau
DIT/  Media Manager - Arri Alexa

“Baggage Claim” - Feature Film
Fox Searchlight
Dir: David E. Talbert
DP: Anastas Michos
DIT/  Media Manager - Arri Alexa

“Leave” - Feature Film
Dir: Robert Celestino
DP: Michael Fimognari
DIT/  Media Manager - Thomson Viper & sTwo Recorders

David Hockney Studio - Digital Media Consultant
Designed and built permanent digital archive and Mac network


and a bunch of other misc stuff…..